About us

Indel inženjering is a private enterprise established in Podgorica in September 2006. We started as an enterprise specialized in the performance of several types of geological research and, in time, we developed into a company capable and equipped to perform water supply and drainage of waste waters of individual households, settlements and towns in a quality manner. This particularly relates to the performance of researches with the aim of defining and securing a water source for water supply, creating exploitation facilities (wells, capping/sealing, …), supply of hydropower and electric equipment for water transportation (all sorts of pumps, equipment for the control and automatic operation of the system), water transportation from the water source to a consumer (all types of pipes, facilities on the route, such as reservoirs and breaking chambers), creation of the secondary water supply network and distribution of hydrotechnical installations through a facility, creation of automated systems for irrigation, collection and drainage of waste waters, as well as waste water treatment.

Our motto is “It’s all about water” since we are capable to define the most rational way of water supply on unfamiliar terrain, in engineering and construction sense, to bring water to facilities, distribute installations in facilities, collect, perform treatment and store water in the recipient, according to the system “key in hand”. The entire process is monitored by our legal team, both in terms of providing legal conditions for the performance of the works and obtaining concessions.

When it comes to water, others can do something, and we are the only ones who can do it all.

Significant part of our activities is related with the performance of geotechnical and engineering-geological researches, in the sense of providing the necessary foundations for the construction of facilities, as well as resolving complex engineering-geological problems, such as landslides.

Since 2019, owing to the human resources capacities and equipment, we are also working on the tasks related to the design and construction of traffic roads.

Owing to the years of work and financial stability, we finance the projects in the field of construction, agriculture, and tourism, and we are always ready to support significant and interesting projects in financial, engineering and construction terms.

We possess licences for the design and construction of architectural, construction, mechanical and geological works.